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With decades of adhesive development experience targeting the rigorous automotive environment, Multek is using this knowledge to engineer insulation solutions, BusBond®, for laminated busbar manufacturers servicing multiple markets:
  • Alternative and renewable energy (weatherability, UV resistance)
  • Transportation and Automotive (high reliability)
  • Industrial (abrasion resistance and dielectric strength)
  • Military and Aerospace (high performance)
  • Commercial (cost effective)
Sheldahl® brand adhesives coated on various dielectric films provide insulation systems tailored for a wide range of busbar environments and applications. BusBond® offers these features and advantages:
  • Reduced process time and wide lamination window
  • Tough flexible adhesive system for ease of forming
  • Temperature resistant adhesive for successive laminations
  • UL certified VTM-0 and RoHs compliant
  • Superior adhesion to copper, aluminum and most conductor materials
Our BusBond® product family of laminated busbar insulations are designed for several classes of performance, providing our customers with unique options:
  • Multiple adhesive choices (modified epoxy or acrylic)
  • Available on these dielectric films: PET, PEN, PI, Nomex®, Tedlar®, Ultem®, Valox®
  • Enabling you the design flexibility to build stacked (multiple layers, different film combinations) to meet your specific requirements.
Please use the BusBond® selector guide to help you determine the best insulation for your laminated busbar design:

BusBond Product Selector guide

Contact us for more information @ or call our US toll free number: 800-927-3580 or 507-663-8000 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.

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