Our company

Sheldahl Flexible Technologies, Inc. is a Flexible material and circuit technology company with the distinction of being a pioneer. Over our 65 years, we differentiated ourselves by providing collaborative product development, material technology, excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and quality. We have a long history of designing and delivering cost-optimal high-volume opportunities.

Mission and Vision

Sheldahl Flexible Technology proactively solves your problems by turning ideas into solutions. We leverage our material and flexible circuit capabilities and develop key business partnerships to deliver our collective vision. 

We do this while  

  • Ensuring we have a safe working environment for all 
  • Deliver to our stakeholders 
  • Encouraging our employees to think outside the box 
  • Investing strategically in opportunities that support positive operating profits 
  • Rewarding Innovation and results


Our Core Capabilities

Sheldahl manufactures and produces Flexible and Printed Circuits, Specialty Materials, Unidirectional Tapes, and adhesives. Our automated roll-to-roll process can produce substrates as thin as 1.5µm up to 350µm thick with all of our adhesive formulations developed, mixed, and coated in-house. We verify and test our products before shipping, making sure that our solutions meet the needs of our customers.



Here at Sheldahl, we believe in taking the ordinary to the extraordinary one idea at a time. From Flexible Circuits to Unidirectional tapes, Printed Electronics to our Thermal Control Materials, our capabilities enable us to create flexible solutions that span from the Automotive industry to outer space and everywhere in between. Our flexible materials enable greater weight saving, thermal management, strength & durability, higher-quality connectivity, conformability, and versatility, opening the imagination to see beyond the limitations of today.


Our Core Technologies:

  • Flexible Circuits
  • Printed Electronics
  • Electronic Materials
  • Thermal Control Materials
  • Unidirectional Splicing Tapes

Our Core Processes:

  • Prototyping
  • Roll-to-roll automated processing
  • Printed Polymer Thin Film
  • Standard Flexible Circuitry (Subtractive)
  • Large Format Screen Printing (Additive)
  • Surface Finishing
  • Assembly
  • Circuitry Finishing
  • Vacuum Deposition
  • Adhesive Formulation, Coating & Laminating
  • Perforating & Embossing
  • Slitting & Sheeting
  • Punching, Patterning, & Forming


90% of all manufactured goods produced worldwide are touched by abrasives in some way, in some part of the process. Global leadership in the field of coated abrasive splice technology requires the highest quality products and the strongest technical capabilities. Market reputation, economic risk and safety – much is at stake.

Sheldahl® creates, manufactures, and distributes technically advanced coatings, dry film adhesives, special performance tapes and engineered flexible laminates. Sheldahl® brand technical materials are renowned worldwide. Sheldahl® brand innovative material solutions began in 1955. More than 70% of abrasive belt manufactures in the world choose Sheldahl® brand adhesive and tape products.

Sheldahl’s brand splicing tapes are the undisputed, worldwide leading brand of abrasive belt splicing products. Our scientists and engineers patented Unidirectional tape technology more than 30 years ago. We continue to advance our process and product capabilities:

  • Experience - Over 60 years manufacturing Specialty Tapes.
  • Highest Reliability – the only totally integrated process controlled manufacturer.
  • Highest Quality – the only manufacturer ISO 9001, TS16949 and ISO 14001 certified.
  • Highest Tape Performance – the most rigorous requirements and unmatched product testing.
  • Market Leading Responsiveness – dedicated Customer and Technical Support.

Quality Policy

  • Delivering innovative designs, products and services through world-class supply chain solutions, real-time information and the latest emerging technologies.
  • Maintaining the highest quality standards through continuous process improvements and a zero-defect culture.
  • Ensuring employee diversity and inclusion, while fostering ethical decision making.
  • Embracing and driving sustainable practices wherever possible.
  • Continually improving our Quality Management system and maintaining its effectiveness, to ensure full compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements.


Rick Schmitz
Rick Schmitz

General Manager

Enid Kivuti
Enid Kivuti


Innovation and Technology

John Voultos
John Voultos

Vice President of

Business Development and Marketing

Tammy Krienke
Tammy Krienke

Human Resources Business Partner 

Human Resorces

Charles Hayes
Charles Hayes

Quality Assurance

Gail Almen
Gail Almen

Purchasing Manager

Purchasing/Materials Management

Norma Wickum
Norma Wickum

Operation Manager

Materials Business Unit

Carol Kuntz
Carol Kuntz

Operation Manager


Shon Medin
Shon Medin

Marketing Specialist

Marketing Department 

Employee of the Month

Kraig Kutz
Kraig Kutz

Materials Group Engineering Manager



G.T. Schjeldahl

Sheldahl was established as G.T. Schjeldahl Company by Gilmore T. “Shelly” Schjeldahl. The newly formed company produced bag-making machines.

Mylar™ film.

First laminator was built to produce Schjel-Clad, a laminate of copper bonded to Mylar™ film.


ECHO I the 100-foot passive satellite (“satelloon”) that was produced by Schjeldahl was launched.


ECHO II is fabricated using Schjeldahl materials.


Production of “Schjel-Flex”, a line of precision-etched flexible circuitry processed in roll-to-roll form using “Schjel-Clad” materials.

aerospace & Defense

The satellite Pegasus was sent to orbit. The meteoroid detector panels were fabricated by Schjeldahl through vacuum deposition and lamination.


Pageos 5 a 100-ft diameter satelloon produced with Schjeldahl materials was launched. 

Schjeldahl participated in the Voyager program.


Schjeldahl’s flexible circuits were used by Western Electric to produce the Trimline telephone.


Schjeldahl provides thermal control materials in response to an emergency repair needed on the Skylab. 

Old Sheldahl Logo

The company’s name was changed to Sheldahl, Inc. to make it easier to spell and pronounce the company name.


The Viking unmanned spacecraft landed on Mars. The bioshield that kept the spacecraft sterile during its journey was built by Sheldahl.

1977 Sheldahl

FLEXSWITCH®, a new line of membrane switches was introduced for use in office equipment and appliances.

abrasive materials.

Sheldahl patents unidirectional tape. A splicing system for the joining the butt ends to abrasive materials.


Sheldahl acquires Symbolic Displays Inc. of Irvine, CA to increase the scope and depth of our capabilities.


.Sheldahl acquired Cirtel / Cirpak of Irvine, CA and Nashua Flexible Circuits of Nashua, NH from BMC’s Interconics.

Z link

Sheldahl introduced Z-Link® an inter-connective circuitry system based on an adhesive that conducts electricity only in the Z (vertical) axis.

flexible material

Novaclad® a copper on film flexible material was introduced.


Novalink® a multilayer circuit constructed with Novaclad® or Novaflex® and Z-Link® adhesive was introduced to the market.


ViaGrid® was developed. A Novaclad® based microcircuit substrate with a pattern of either uniform or custom placed conductive holes.


Sheldahl introduced a family of ITO films to the market under the trademark: ACCENTIA® 


Sheldahl provided the world’s first roll-to-roll of patterned ITO material for the display market.


Sheldahl is purchased by Multek


Sheldahl high volume roll-to-roll ITO patterning and screen printing capability is established

Bus Bond

Bus Bond® a family of insulation materials used as inner and outer layers in the production of laminated busbars is introduced to the market.

Q Prime

Q-Prime: A proprietary circuit technology with thermally conductive adhesive and a thin composite structure. 

Sheldahl, A Flex Company

Operations of Multek in the U.S. and Philippines have been rebranded as Sheldahl Flexible Technologies Inc., a Flex Company.