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Capabilities & Quality Policy



Sheldahl® are primarily produced using roll to roll, high volume equipment. We are capable of processing substrates as thin as 1.5µm up to 350µm thick. All adhesive formulations are developed, mixed and coated in-house; we have developed over 500 different formulations and are still working on new ones!

Our core technologies are:

  • Flexible Circuits
  • Printed Electronics
  • Vacuum Coating
  • Adhesive Formulation, Coating & Laminating
  • Perforating & Embossing
  • Slitting & Sheeting
  • Punching, Patterning, & Forming

We are:

  • Vertically Integrated
  • Industry Certified

If you would like a copy of our industry certifications please request through our document website.

Quality Policy

Our strict Quality Policy defines our commitment to reduce variation and to eliminate defects and wastes. 

Our Quality Policy has three elements:

Superior Quality

  • Zero defects ppm delivered to our customers

Satisfied Customers

  • Anticipation of their needs & immediate response to issues

Continuous Improvement

  • Improving the quality of our products & services by eliminating causes of variation and working to defined common methods