Who & what is Sheldahl Flexible Technologies?

Knowing whom you are working with is important before working together. Let us introduce ourselves!

We are Sheldahl Flexible Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Flex. We manufacture materials and circuits used by the automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer industries marketed worldwide. Our technologies provide space and weight-saving solutions that combine our know-how and technical experience to enable greater technological possibilities.

We have been a company since 1955, beginning when G.T. Schjeldahl founded Sheldahl. Starting with the genius idea of using polyethylene plastic to create bread bags, Sheldahl grew to create special vacuum deposited materials that went into the first Echo satellites and unlocked the possibilities of our capabilities from there. What was once a simple bread bag-making business became an international business that was capable of serving the Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Industrial, Consumer, Human Machine Interface, Heaters, and Smart Packaging markets. 

Today we create and provide Flexible Circuits, Printed Electronics, Electronic Materials, Industrial Materials, Optical Materials, and Vacuum Deposited Materials to those industries. Our diverse capabilities enable us to go beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary in solution thinking. You come to us with an idea, and we answer you with a solution that will serve you better than just getting the job done, and our history can back that.

Today, it's an idea, and tomorrow it's a solution. Let's work together

Why use a flexible printed circuit?

If the application is flat and 2 dimensional with no requirements for flexing, then use a PCB. If the application requires flexibility, or a 3-dimensional solution, or weight and size are issues, consider using FPC.

My design requires touch sensors. Can Sheldahl deliver a solution?

This is an application where FPC really comes into its element. We offer flexible and thin solutions. Moreover, Sheldahl has more material options available than anyone else currently building circuits, and we can specifically tailor the materials and design to give the optimum solution.

We have a long history of building product that ranges from simple PTF membrane switches to transparent, flexible etched ITO for capacitive switches. With multiple options in between depending on the end-user requirements.

I see from the website Sheldahl manufactures flex circuits how about assembly?

Our main focus is on designing and building the optimum solution for the bare FPC. Although SMD on FPC typically uses the same equipment that PCB uses, there are some additional nuances and requirements specific to processing flexible materials. We offer the options of providing the populated final product or offer assistance and
guidance to our customers if they prefer to do the assembly themselves.

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