Supporting our people and our customers

Here at Sheldahl, our focus remains on the safety of our people and supporting customers. We sincerely thank the teams working in our factories around the world who are supporting healthcare and essential infrastructure customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic is felt by every global citizen, country, community, and company. At Sheldahl, we are focused on keeping everyone safe, including our employees, suppliers, and business partners, while supporting essential manufacturing for infrastructure services and critical healthcare products to aid in the global response. 



Mask Making

People and culture

People are the heart of an organization’s success and culture is the glue that binds them. In a crisis, core values and purpose rise to the forefront to guide teams through difficult decisions. Learn how the interplay of our people, ways of working and culture informed our response to the pandemic.


How teams are structured and empowered can profoundly impact outcomes. At Sheldahl Flexible Technologies, A Flex Company, we organize ourselves using a flat, agile model to enable rapid response and collaboration across the world. Backed by our global executive team, we empower our regional leaders to run site operations, lending their expertise to respond to local conditions. Learn how the way we are organized made a difference during the pandemic.


Getting out in front to respond to an unprecedented disruption can be scary, but it’s the only way to learn, understand and adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Our resiliency framework, which includes crisis management and business continuity planning, guided our immediate response as we took precaution and deployed safety measures in China weeks before the novel coronavirus had a name. Learn more about the actions we took in the wake of the pandemic and what guided those decisions.

Technologies and processes

Having the right tools, data and workflows in place is indispensable to navigating risks and challenges successfully. As operations become increasingly digitized, they also become smarter and faster. Technologies that ingest real-time data to automate workflows and flag risks are becoming the norm. Learn how we leveraged data, technology and processes to gain visibility across the value chain and optimize our response.

Collaborative partnerships

Partnerships develop slowly when times are good and are tested when times are difficult. Yet in a crisis, intense collaboration is imperative. We must not only collaborate within our organization but across our ecosystem of customers, partners, governments and the people in the communities we operate. Take a look at how we formed collaborative partnerships with customers, suppliers and governments to create outcomes that benefit our stakeholders.