Supporting our people and our customers

Here at Sheldahl, our focus remains on the safety of our people and supporting customers. We sincerely thank the teams working in our factories around the world who are supporting healthcare and essential infrastructure customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic is felt by every global citizen, country, community, and company. At Sheldahl, we are focused on keeping everyone safe, including our employees, suppliers, and business partners, while supporting essential manufacturing for infrastructure services and critical healthcare products to aid in the global response. 



Mask Making

What do you do when you have to make millions of masks quickly to keep your employees safe but have neither the experience nor equipment to do so? What’s more: How do you do this without impacting the supply of masks required by frontline healthcare workers?

Flex’s, our parent company, task was daunting. Still, they knew that they could succeed if they executed on the three dimensions that have been the bedrock of our business: operational excellence, a strong and resilient supply chain, and corporate values.

With more than 160,000 employees across 30 countries and trade becoming more restricted, particularly for personal protective equipment, we knew this effort required a distributed manufacturing model across Asia, the Americas, and Europe. We needed to mobilize manufacturing in 10 countries to reduce supply shortage risks. According to our calculations, Flex needed at least a million masks per week for our factory workers to help keep them safe.