Electrification, sensors, infotainment, interior, and exterior lighting, and the potential for autonomous functionality are transforming the automotive vehicle into a sophisticated electronic device on wheels. This increased electronic content demands a circuit technology that can be folded, fit into small spaces, provide unique functionality, and 3D structures allowing for space and weight savings. 
Sheldahl has been providing Flexible Circuits to the automotive industry for almost 60 years. Sheldahl provided the first Flexible Circuit into the ‘65 Ford Thunderbird and from those early instrument clusters to today’s sensor, heaters, and lighting applications, demonstrating a history of circuits that have been driven billions of vehicle miles in the harshest of environments.


Aerospace & Defense

Sheldahl’s heritage as a material supplier spans greater than 60 years, from the Echo 1 and 2 satellites to the latest launch and deployment vehicles. Sheldahl’s Red Book serves as a reference guide for the Aerospace industry, providing materials used in passive thermal control, including static dissipation, radiator material, and atomic oxygen protection.

While the Sheldahl Red Book provides commonly provided materials, we are constantly combining dissimilar materials for the Medical, Fire Protection, Formula One Racing, and Space applications. Sheldahl’s team welcomes the challenge of finding a solution to your specific requirement. We’re open to making anything that we can piece together – please call for custom applications.

Sheldahl material has provided for the aerospace industry from the beginning and looks
forward to serving your needs into the future.

Aerospace & Defense, Sheldahl, Materials, Coatings
Aerospace & Defense, Sheldahl, Materials, Coatings
Sheldahl's materials are in most every modern launch vehicle today.

Health Solutions

The evolution of the health care industry has led to increased home care, and shortened hospital stays, transforming the medical sector globally. This has led to vital innovation in drug delivery devices, medical devices, remote monitors, sensors, and wireless connectivity. Flexible Circuits & Printed Electronics are critical to the health care industry, providing flexible, adaptable, and clean solutions.

Sheldahl continues to leverage relationships with medical device companies to develop flexible technologies for use in single & multiple-use medical tools, drug delivery, wearable devices for remote monitoring, anti-microbial surfaces, smart packaging, and human-machine interfaces.
Flexible Printed Circuits for medical devices
Novaclad, ITO and Q-Prime are technological advancement enabling solutions.

Industrial Abrasive Materials

We created the perfect solution over 40 years ago when we patented the Sheldahl Brand Unidirectional Splicing System. This system combines tape, adhesive, curative, and your belt material, optimized for high-performance and cost-effectiveness.


Sanding & Abrasives
Sanding & Abrasives

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