Aerospace & Defense

Sheldahl’s heritage as a material supplier spans greater than 60 years, from the Echo 1 and 2 satellites to the latest launch and deployment vehicles. Sheldahl’s Red Book serves as a reference guide for the Aerospace industry, providing materials used in passive thermal control, including static dissipation, radiator material, and atomic oxygen protection.

While the Sheldahl Red Book provides commonly provided materials, we are constantly combining dissimilar materials for the Medical, Fire Protection, Formula One Racing, and Space applications. Sheldahl’s team welcomes the challenge of finding a solution to your specific requirement. We’re open to making anything that we can piece together – please call for custom applications.

Sheldahl material has provided for the aerospace industry from the beginning and looks
forward to serving your needs into the future.





Electrification, sensors, infotainment, interior and exterior lighting and the potential for autonomous functionality are transforming the automotive vehicle into a sophisticated electronic device on wheels.

Aerospace & Defense

From the ECHO 1 passive satellite and the moon landing of July 1969 to today's modern space missions, Sheldahl® Brand Materials has a history of over 60 years of creating custom solutions for the needs of the Aerospace and Defense markets. We continue to develop and manufacture a wide variety of history-making materials.

Health Solutions

The transformation of the health care industry has le



The consumer market is evolving. More information, increased capabilities, greater accessibility, and better connectivity require more intelligence in smaller and lighter devices.   


Tapes, Sanding Belts & Abrasives

Let Sheldahl Unidirectional Splicing Tape products offer you the advantage of our experience and capabilities.

Smart Packaging

Tracking products and devices are essential to ensure quality, traceability, inventory management, date expiration, and protection from theft and counterfeiting.

HMI - Human Machine Interface solutions for your daily life

Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface is a key component in your home appliance and workplace equipment operation.



Today, the potential for heating equipment is expanding. Industrial equipment and appliances require dependable heating designs that last for decades, able to conform to many surface shapes.