Health Solutions

The transformation of the health care industry has led to increased home care and improved hospital infection prevention, transforming the medical sector globally. This transformation has led to vital innovation in drug delivery devices, medical devices, remote monitors, sensors, and wireless connectivity. Flexible Circuits & Printed Electronics are critical to the transformation of the health care industry, providing flexible, adaptable, and clean solutions.

Sheldahl continues to leverage our relationship with our parent company, Flex, and other medical device companies. Our flexible technologies are used in single & multiple-use medical tools, drug delivery, wearable devices for remote monitoring, anti-microbial surfaces, smart packaging, and human-machine interfaces. Sheldahl’s vertical integration enables our ability to provide custom materials, Flexible Circuits, and Flexible Circuit assemblies to meet the needs of your project specifications. 
Sheldahl creates the Flexible Circuits that fit the tight space requirements of the medical device industry.
Unlimited fit, form and function capabilities are required in today's medical wearable devices.
Flexible Printed Circuits are a versatile interconnecting solution.

The medical industry is becoming more remote, allowing for home and distance care. Drug delivery devices, remote monitors, sensors, and wireless connectivity are transforming health solutions with electronic wearable devices. This increased intelligence demands that Flexible Circuit technology enable 3D structures capable of conforming comfortably to the human body and clothing applications.     
Our flexible technologies can deliver the versatility and durability that wearable devices need to withstand any environment. Flexible Electronics provide wireless connectivity, power, and comfort. From etched copper to printed silver, we can deliver cost-effective solutions for your wearable device to fit perfectly, function reliably, flex dynamically, and report accurately.  

Through our combined Printed Electronic (Additive) and Flexible Circuit (Subtractive) technologies, Sheldahl provides high reliability in a cost-effective solution. We manufacture many of our own materials, which enables our pliable, lightweight, and ergonomic solutions to conform to your design and sit comfortably on your application's surfaces. We combine conformability, sensing, power, and wireless connectivity to track and monitor key medical data.
Human Machine Interface
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Medical Pulse

To support patient needs, a good HMI system makes a device simpler (more predictable, more intuitive) to the user as technology transitions to be more sophisticated. This trend allows for easier sterilization and usability in the medical space.
Flexible circuits help deliver an improved patient and doctor experience by delivering user-friendly touch sensors. Flexible printed circuits are well-designed to fit the user's image of the tasks they need to perform. They enable the ability to give accurate feedback, presenting critical, and detailed visual information back to the user. Their capabilities remove design limitations, opening new possibilities for small and tight spaces, uneven and flat surfaces.

Sheldahl Flexible Technology offers the broadest range (Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), PEDOT, Printed Silvers, Etched Copper) of capacitive touch solutions within multiple medical field applications. We are an innovator in the transparent capacitive touch industry, enabling a greater HMI experience and interaction with your medical equipment.
Surgical Tools

The medical industry is developing less invasive medical devices using smaller, thinner, and longer precision disposable tools. As tool sizes decrease, the need for functionality in the limited size increases, requiring better intelligence and accuracy.
Flexible technologies provide a hard data connection from the handle to the working portion of the tool, producing a lightweight and ergonomic solution for single & multiple-use medical devices. This creates a higher quality inspectable and traceable circuit that decreases concern for product failure versus traditional wires. Our vertically integrated process delivers precise and reliable quality that is required for Surgical Environments.  

Providing solutions to highly regulated industries for over 40 years, Sheldahl removes limitations for medical devices through our flexible technology capabilities. We are vertically integrated from raw materials through assembly to provide increased device intelligence and operation, enabling less invasive surgical methods. We design a solution that enhances the possibilities for length, data connection, and control from grip to operation, making for a more seamless surgery with our high-volume capacity to support the quantities required for these medical devices.
Smart Packaging

Tracking pharmaceutical and medical device products are essential to ensure traceability, inventory management, date expiration, and quality. This requires the accuracy of the information, which can be hard when only a label is used. 
Flexible Printed Circuits enable wireless connectivity, conformability, battery power, and monitoring. From etched copper to printed silvers, FPCs can deliver cost-effective solutions for Smart Packaging to fit perfectly, function reliably, and report accurately. 

Sheldahl combines the need for conformability, sensing, power, and wireless connectivity to track and monitor medical and pharmaceutical products. Our combined Printed (Additive) and Flexible (Subtractive) proprietary technologies provide the required reliability in a cost-effective solution.  





Electrification, sensors, infotainment, interior and exterior lighting and the potential for autonomous functionality are transforming the automotive vehicle into a sophisticated electronic device on wheels.

Aerospace & Defense

From the ECHO 1 passive satellite and the moon landing of July 1969 to today's modern space missions, Sheldahl® Brand Materials has a history of over 60 years of creating custom solutions for the needs of the Aerospace and Defense markets. We continue to develop and manufacture a wide variety of history-making materials.

Health Solutions

The transformation of the health care industry has le



The consumer market is evolving. More information, increased capabilities, greater accessibility, and better connectivity require more intelligence in smaller and lighter devices.   


Tapes, Sanding Belts & Abrasives

Let Sheldahl Unidirectional Splicing Tape products offer you the advantage of our experience and capabilities.

Smart Packaging

Tracking products and devices are essential to ensure quality, traceability, inventory management, date expiration, and protection from theft and counterfeiting.

HMI - Human Machine Interface solutions for your daily life

Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface is a key component in your home appliance and workplace equipment operation.



Today, the potential for heating equipment is expanding. Industrial equipment and appliances require dependable heating designs that last for decades, able to conform to many surface shapes.