Industrial Abrasive Materials

We created the perfect solution over 40 years ago when we patented the Sheldahl Brand Unidirectional Splicing System. This system combines tape, adhesive, curative, and your belt material, optimized for high-performance and cost-effectiveness.


Adhesives & Curatives
tape to make sanding belts
adhesive sanding belts
sanding belt splicing tape
tape adhesive
curative tape

Sheldahl manufactures our own high-performance proprietary adhesives. Each adhesive is specifically designed to work with Sheldahl splicing tapes and your abrasive to create continuous or endless belts.

A curative is required to create to achieve the best performance of the adhesive system. Sheldahl provides several proven options to combine with our adhesives, depending on the needs of your applications.

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Unidirectional Tapes 
unidirectional tape
unidirectional sanding belt tape
sanding tape
sanding belt repair tape
coated tape

Sanding, abrasive grinding, and polishing belts run at accelerated speeds, creating high temperatures during operation. Dependable tapes are required for bonding the two sides of the belts together to keep them from operational malfunctions.

Unidirectional tapes are a cost-effective and durable solution that increases the lifecycle of your belts.

Sheldahl has developed 20 different Splicing Tape Systems that are uniquely matched to industry requirements. Each is color-coordinated for easy universal identification by the abrasive or sanding belt fabricator.

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Sheldahl Aerospace Technologies

Sheldahl Aerospace Technologies has supported the space industry since 1958. Our space heritage is unsurpassed in the industry providing thin film material to space missions worldwide.


Electrification, sensors, infotainment, interior and exterior lighting and the potential for autonomous functionality are transforming the automotive vehicle into a sophisticated electronic device on wheels.

Health Solutions

The evolution of the health care industry has led to increased home care, and shortened hospital stays, transforming the medical sector globally. This has led to vital innovation in drug delivery devices, medical devices, remote monitors, sensors, and wireless connectivity. Flexible Circuits & Printed Electronics are critical to the health care industry, providing flexible, adaptable, and clean solutions.
Bridge Lighting

Additional Markets

LED applications are expanding at a rapid pace and are increasingly being used in our daily lives. LED's offer flexibility to adjust spectrums of light to accelerate plant growth or highlight the beauty of your architectural design all while utilizing energy more efficiently. The use of flexible circuits in LED lighting applications can enable 3D packaging, reduce cost, and improve overall lighting performance.

Industrial Abrasive Materials

Let Sheldahl's Industrial Abrasive Material products offer you the advantage of our experience and capabilities.