Health Solutions


Sheldahl Flexible Technology’s diverse portfolio of products can be found in a multitude of health related applications. Our state of the art equipment enables Sketch to Scale® solutions, which helps to optimize your cost/ benefit equation. Through vertical integration we offer thin, lightweight electronics that will conform and adapt to the needs of your product form, function and use. 

Emerging Technologies

     Smart Clean Surfaces

     Thin Film Sensors


     Wellness Monitors

     Wearable Devices

     Drug Delivery Patches

     Intelligent Lighting

Existing Technologies

     Hearing Aids

     Ultrasound Transducers

     Medical Imaging

     Heater Circuits


     Drug Delivery Pumps

     Device Displays

     X-ray Detectors

     Disposable Medical Devices

To learn more about our products that serve the Medical market contact us at, or call our US toll free number 866-702-0329 or 507-663-8001.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) - Health
Glucose Sensor - Health
Blood Pressure (HMI) - Health
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - Health