Patterned ITO

We offer value-added processes to complement Sheldahl® brand indium tin oxide (ITO) coated polyester film products. This includes the ability to pattern ITO and print ink circuitry which is done in a highly efficient, hands-off roll-to-roll format. Patterned ITO is ideal for Multi-Touch or extremely high node densities, and preferred for applications where maximum clarity is desired

Typical applications for Sheldahl’s patterned and printed ITO film include: projected capacitive touch sensors, transparent capacitive switches, flexible displays, and flexible photovoltaic solar cells.

Base Film

  • Thickness: 50, 125, 175, & 188μm (2, 5, 7, & 7.5mil) optically clear PET films
  • ITO Resistance: 60, 100, 200, 270*, & 300 Ω/ standard
  • Patterned and Printed Widths: 330mm or 435mm (13” or 17.125”) (* Index Matched)

ITO patterning

  • Process: Roll to Roll Photolithography
  • Minimum ITO feature size: 50μm
  • Max pattern size: 415mm x 600mm
  • Resistance uniformity: <±10%

Printed Circuitry

  • Process: Roll to Roll Screen Printing
  • Inks: Silver, Carbon, UV curable Mask
  • Minimum silver trace pitch: 200μm
  • PSA application
  • Lamination of multiple

Click here to download Patterned ITO Data Sheet.

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