Sheldahl® can produce multi-layer printed circuits using a highly-automated roll-to-roll screen printed process with PEDOT conductive ink, PTF silver, and carbon inks. Ideal for Self-Capacitance switch nodes with backlighting graphics. Typical application for Sheldahl’s PEDOT interconnect solutions include transparent capacitive switches

Base Films & Adhesives:

  • Clear PET (75µm, 125µm thick)
  • Optically Clear OCA/PSA (3M 467, 3M 8172)


  • Selectively printing of PEDOT ink is transparent yet conductive. Perfect for creating transparent switch nodes
  • Printed PTF silver defines the traces connecting the switch nodes through the connector tail
  • Carbon PTF ink can be printed in the connection area for durability and reliability
  • The body of the circuit can be covered with either PET Coverfilm or a clear printed mask for protection

Printed Circuitry:

  • Processes: Roll-to-Roll Printing
  • Minimum PEDOT Feature: 500µm
  • Max pattern size: 500mm x 450mm
  • Minimum silver trace pitch: 500µm
  • Resistance Uniformity: <±15%
  • Custom Testing and Excising

Click here to download PEDOT factsheet.

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