Polymer Thick Film

Polymer Thick Film

Sheldahl® offers single- and double-sided polymer thick film printed circuits for low current applications.  Using our patented screen-printing via process vias can be cost effectively created. Hybrid configurations are also available: etch copper image on one side and printed ink patterns on the other side or double-sided etch copper features with silver plated through via holes. 

Typical applications for Sheldahl’s polymer thick film circuits: white goods, consumer electronics, heaters, shields and antennas. 

Base Films & Adhesives: 

  • Clear PET (50µm to 125µm thick)
  • Polyimide (50µm to 125µm thick)


  • Printed Silver
  • Carbon
  • Silver Nanowire

Printed Circuitry: 

  • Processes: Roll-to-Roll Printing
  • Minimum PTF Feature: 250µm
  • Max pattern size: 500mm x 450mm
  • Minimum conductive ink trace pitch: 150µm
  • Custom Testing and Excising

To learn more about our PTF capabilities request to have Sheldahl® contact you directly or contact us by emailing info@sheldahl.com or calling our US toll free number 866-702-0329.