Single and Double Sided Circuits

Single and Double Sided Circuits

Single- and double-sided flexible printed circuits from Sheldahl® are found in various electronic assemblies from simple antennas to complex control circuitry. The single and double-sided flexible circuits are produced using: adhesive based polyester (“PET” / “PEN”) or polyimide (PI) film substrates with copper thicknesses ranging from 18um to 140um. These circuits can be provided in single pieces, multiple up arrays, or in rolls. 

Key Capabilities:

  • Single or double-sided circuitry
  • Adhesive-based and adhesiveless constructions
  • PET, PEN or PI film substrates
  • Low-cost, roll-to-roll manufacturing
  • Screen print imaging 
  • Photo imaging 
  • Screened inks, photo imageable soldermasks, or laminated coverfilm dielectrics
  • Surface finishes include anti-tarnish, immersion silver, tin, solder, electroplated nickel/gold, and ENIG
  • Various support materials can be selectively added, including:

           -   Film stiffeners; FR4/CEM1/G10 rigidizers; molded plastic assemblies; EMI shielding and metal heatsinks

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