Electronic Insulation Materials

Sheldahl’s Electronic Materials are engineered to meet our customers’ technical requirements from automotive electronics to wind turbine applications. We provide extensive engineer experience and material knowledge to optimize the performance of your final product. Our capabilities include web handing, slitting, perforating & bossing, tailormade materials/adhesives, adhesive formulation, and coating and laminating films & foils. We work collaboratively with our customers to ensure optimal price, performance, and productivity.

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BusBond® Insulation Tapes - are a cost-effective line of laminated busbar insulation offering single-sided, double-sided, Sheldahl® adhesives coated on various dielectric films provide insulation systems tailored for a wide range of busbar environments and applications,  high temperature, abrasion resistance, and weatherability. The product family is designed for several classes of performance, including high temperature, abrasion resistance, and weatherability providing our customers with unique options. 


  • Alternative and renewable energy (weatherability, UV resistance)  
  • Transportation and Automotive (high reliability)  

BusBond® offers these features and advantages

  • Tough flexible adhesive system for ease of forming  
  • Temperature resistant adhesive for successive laminations  
  • UL certified VTM-0 and RoHs compliant  
  • Superior adhesion to copper, aluminum, and most conductor materials  
  • Multiple adhesive choices (modified epoxy or acrylic) 
  • Enabling you the design flexibility to build stacked (multiple layers, different film combinations) to meet your specific requirements.  
  • High-temperature Busbond adhesives can be applied to multiple substrates: 


Please use the BusBond® Selector Guide to help you determine the best insulation for your laminated busbar design:  

BusBond Product Selector Guide

To learn more about our capabilities request Sheldahl to Contact you  directly or contact us by calling our US toll free number 866-702-0329 or emailing electronicmaterials@sheldahl.com.

Flat Flex Cable (FFC) Insulation Material
Flat cable tapes
Sheldahl's Flat Cable Tapes are durable and capable of turning back on themselves countless times.
Sheldahl's Flat Cable Tapes provide a strong connection for automotive and other applications.
Sheldahl's Flat Cable Tapes increase connectivity.

Sheldahl is the market leader in supplying flame retardant tapes to the flat cable manufacturing industry. We offer a complete line of insulation tapes for use in producing Flat Flexible Cables (FFC's). Our portfolio of adhesive types that allows fabricators to balance final product performance with lamination processes. Applications include clock spring cables, jumpers, and any application requiring long parallel copper traces.
Flat Flexible Cables (FFCs) provide the ideal connection technology for curved, tight spaces and flat surfaces, capable of repeatedly turning back on itself for years of use. 

Sheldahl produces various Insulation materials in the development of FFCs used for Clock Springs, Wiring for automotive headliners, jumpers/interconnections, innovative solutions, and more. If you need a secure and durable connection, we work in prototype development and large-scale production. Sheldahl has the experience, knowledge, and technology to support the most difficult projects customizing our materials to your needs.  


  • Automotive clocksprings for airbag connections in steering columns  
  • Jumpers / interconnections  
  • Wiring for automotive headliners  
  • Computer, printer, and data cables


  • Temperature resistant  
  • Controlled adhesive thicknesses  
  • Flexible and tough  
  • Excellent encapsulation ability 
  • Wide range of film and adhesive options  
  • Reduced twist flat cable tapes  
  • Double-sided flat cable tapes 
  • Shielded flat cable tapes  



To assist you in selecting the right products for your application, we have developed an on-line Flat Cable Tape Product Selector Guide

To learn more about our capabilities, request Sheldahl to contact you directly or contact us by calling our US toll free number 866-702-0329 or emailing electronicmaterials@sheldahl.com.

Shielding Materials

The proliferation of electronic devices in the world has increased the presence of and sensitivity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Sheldahl enables unique solutions to overcome EMI and RFI, whether your needs relate to gasketing, metalized wrapping, thin layers of vacuum-deposited ITO, or PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) on the back of a copper laminate.

Our product offerings include

  • Copper metalized films  
  • Aluminum metalized films  
  • ITO coated films  
  • Copper foil laminates  
  • Aluminum foil laminates  
  • Flat cable tape with a shielded layer  


Please use the Shielding Materials Selector Guide to help you determine the best materials for your application:

Shielding Material Selector Guide

To learn more about our capabilities, request Sheldahl to contact you directly or contact us by calling our US toll free number 866-702-0329 or emailing electronicmaterials@sheldahl.com.