Electronic Materials

Electronic Materials

With 50+ years of adhesive formulation and coating and laminating films & foils experience, Sheldahl® brand Electronic Materials provides advanced material performance solutions.

From automotive electronics to wind turbines, Sheldahl® brand Electronic Materials are engineered to meet our customers’ technical and business requirements:

BusBond®- a line of laminated busbar insulations offering single sided, double sided, or layers of dielectric films coated with one of our proprietary adhesive formulations.Insulations for high temperature, abrasion resistance, weatherability, as well as cost effectiveness are available.

Flat Cable Tapes – a complete line of Flat Cable Tapes for use in producing Flat Flexible Cables (FFC's).We offer a broad range of adhesive types that allow users to balance final product performance with lamination processes.  Applications include clock spring cables, jumpers and any application requiring long parallel copper traces.

Flexible Printed Circuit Materials - Sheldahl® brand roll to roll flexible circuit product line strength is design flexibility.

We offer a wide range of films, copper thicknesses and widths:

Flexbase™ PET laminates

PENClad™ PEN laminates

Acrylam™ coverlays.

Shielding Materials - Sheldahl® brand materials is able to coat any one of their 500 proprietary adhesive formulations on most metal foil/film combination or vacuum metalize one of a number of metal coatings on film/fabric to allow precise control of thickness, resistance, and effectiveness.

To learn more about our capabilities request Sheldahl to contact you directly or contact us by calling our US toll free number 866-702-0329 or emailing electronicmaterials@sheldahl.com.

Shielding Materials