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Flat Cable Tapes

With years of experience & our specially-formulated adhesives, Sheldahl® is the market leader in supplying flame-resistant tapes to the flat cable manufacturing industry.


  • Automotive clocksprings for airbag connections in steering columns
  • Jumpers / interconnections
  • Wiring for automotive headliners
  • Computer, printer, and data cables

Sheldahl provides cost-effective, quality solutions to the world's leading cable makers. Sheldahl brand tapes are engineered with the properties and the performance to meet the requirements of the flat cable industry:

  • Temperature resistant
  • Controlled adhesive thicknesses
  • Flexible and tough
  • Excellent encapsulation ability

Our family of tape products is designed for several classes of performance. We provide unique options to the cable manufacturer:

  • Wide range of film and adhesive options
  • Reduced twist flat cable tapes
  • Double sided flat cable tapes
  • Shielded flat cable tapes

To assist you in selecting the right products for your application, we have developed an on-line Flat Cable Tape Product Selector guide

To learn more about our capabilities request Sheldahl to contact you directly or contact us by calling our US toll free number 866-702-0329 or emailing electronicmaterials@sheldahl.com.

Flat Cable Tapes