Unidirectional Tapes

Sheldahl Branded Unidirectional Splicing Tapes provide the strength and durability to create a highly reliable abrasive joint bond. With our years of combining dissimilar materials, if you have tape system needs, please reach out to our technical team and we would be happy to help you.

Sheldahl offers two types of Unidirectional Tapes, coated & uncoated:

Coated Tapes
double coated tape
uncoated cloth tape

Coated Tapes have the adhesive already applied to them. The coating is a precise, uniform amount of thermosetting polyurethane. The tape is stored frozen and shipped in dried ice. You will be required to keep the tapes in cold storage and will be ready to use shortly after removal from the freezer.

Uncoated tapes
uni tape
unidirectional tape

Uncoated tapes are precisely that, they have no adhesive on them. They are designed to have adhesive/curative applied to them just prior to belt converting. These tapes can be stored at room temperature on the shelf.

Adhesive tape
Adhesives technology

We can tailor the adhesive properties to meet the needs of your particular processing conditions. Whether you’re applying the adhesive by spray, brush or roller, we have an adhesive with the correct viscosity profile for your needs.

Curative technology

Curative selection depends upon the overall performance needs of your application.

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