Optical Materials

Sheldahl’s Optical Materials allow you to leverage optical, electrical, and mechanical material properties to expand your design space and reach the widest range of your product capability. Our high technology roll-to-roll patterning process provides customizable solutions for projective capacitive touch sensors, flexible displays, solar cell applications, and so much more.

Sheldahl’s Transparent Conductive Optical Coating is a vacuum deposited layer of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). We offer ITO on optically clear stabilized PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), Hard Coated PET, Polymide, and many other films, combining our world-class expertise in vacuum deposition and web handling to produce solutions specific to your needs.

To learn more about our capabilities, contact us at 866-702-0329 or email opticalmaterials@sheldahl.com.

Patterned ITO

Transparent Capacitive Switches (TCS) have become common place in many products from hand-held consumer products to automotive applications. Each application is unique with the optical, mechanical, and electrical requirements varying widely based on the function, style and environment. Ideal for Multi-touch or extremely high node densities, Sheldahl’s Patterned ITO is the ideal solution for applications where maximum clarity is desired.


  • Touch Sensors  
  • EL Illumination   
  • Flexible Displays  
  • EMI Shielding 
  • Solar Energy
  • Optical stacks for pattern hiding
  • Appliance Controls


  • Roll-to-roll photolithography
  • Silver ink
  • Ink Carbon
  • UV curable mask ink 
  • Lamination of multiple layers
  • Excising of parts
  • Varying size options
  • Carbon connection pads
  • Insulating overcoats
Flood Coated ITO

Sheldahl’s Flood Coated ITO material is available with standard and customizable resistance levels and film thicknesses to meet your product needs.


  • Window/Signage Films
  • Heaters
  • Touch Sensors
  • Transparent Circuits



  • PET (Optically Clear)
  • PI
  • Other material options are available

Resistance Levels:

  • 60 Ohms/Sq.
  • 100 Ohms/Sq
  • 200 Ohms/Sq
  • 300 Ohms/Sq
  • Other resistance levels are available

Ideal for Self-Capacitance switch nodes with backlighting graphics on curved surfaces, used as a printable ink, PEDOT is a low-cost touch sensor solution.


  • Flexible Circuits
  • Backlit buttons/keys
  • Automotive Interior Buttons
  • HVAC
  • LCD Thermostats
  • Radio Controls
  • Clear Sensors
  • Appliance Controls


  • Silver-carbon cover coat
  • Graphic Ink
  • Print additional defusing layers
  • Double-side Circuit
  • Small to large printing
  • Additional options available